Demolition Technician (AAF)
Engineer, Explosive
Flame Thrower

Destroys or makes unserviceable, by means of explosives, such objects of military importance as bridges, roads, buildings, airdromes, ammunition dumps, fuel dumps, and railways to cover retreat of retiring forces and to delay the advance of the enemy.

Determines size, type, and placement of explosives to be used according to the object to be demolished. Inserts detonating fuze or electrical wires. Places explosives in drilled holes or secures explosives to object. Lights fuze with match or connects electrical wires, according to the method of explosion to he used. Inspects and repairs unexploded charges. Must be familiar with the safety precautions to be taken in the handling and application of explosives.

May perform such miscellaneous tasks as blasting stumps or rocks for road construction and blasting underwater debris for the construction of docks and clearance of harbors. May operate flame thrower as tactical situation demands.

Equipment used includes hand powered earth and wood augers, shovel, pick, cap crimpers, and small hand powered electrical generator.

729 Pioneer

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