000 Supernumerary - Mess Duty

This designation will appear on certain Tables of Organization in the SSN column for supernumeraries provided for mess duty.  The designation 000 will never be used as a military SSN for an individual. It may be used to report duty assignment of individuals when appropriate.


As a full-time assignment performs a variety of duties incident to the operation of a barracks.


Takes morning muster and makes up morning reports; distributes mail; answers telephone calls; maintains log book, liberty list, sick list, and wake-up list; maintains directory of all personnel billeted in the barracks with such information as bunk number, place of work, and telephone number; inspects barracks periodically throughout the day; accompanies inspecting parties through barracks; keeps notices on bulletin board current; supervises evacuation of barracks in case of fire or fire drill; assigns new personnel to bunks.

Note—This SSN will normally be carried as primary only by Women Reserves.

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