Lays brick, tile, terra cotta, or other building blocks to construct walls, arches, partitions, and other masonry structures.
Binds and lays bricks or tile in course by imbedding in layer or mortar or cement and checking vertical and horizontal alignment of wall with spirit level and plumb bob.

Bridge Builder          Bridge inspector
Bridge Carpenter     Dock Builder
Bridge Foreman

Builds and repairs wooden structures made from heavy timbers and planking.  Performs such heavy timber work as capping, shoring, bracing, and underpinning. Constructs flumes, caissons, bridges, trestles, cofferdams, retaining walls, supports for bridge forms, and other wooden structures.

Demolition Technician (AAF)
Engineer, Explosive
Flame Thrower

Destroys or makes unserviceable, by means of explosives, such objects of military importance as bridges, roads, buildings, airdromes, ammunition dumps, fuel dumps, and railways to cover retreat of retiring forces and to delay the advance of the enemy.

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