Aircraft Engineering Chief
Airplane Inspector
Line Chief
Mobile Repair Unit Chief
Technical Inspector

Supervises third and fourth echelon of Army Air Forces maintenance or technical inspection activities in a repair shop or technical inspection office.

Supervises workers representing several distinct trades and specialties in the various shops and sections through their immediate superiors. Assigns tasks to the various shops and sections and coordinates the operation of the entire organization.  Checks the assignment of personnel. Assists in diagnosing trouble as problems arise. Checks repair work performed by maintenance personnel.

Reviews all technical orders and data, determines their application to airplanes and equipment for which he is responsible, and explains their contents to subordinates. Ascertains that periodic inspections of airplanes and equipment are performed at the proper time and in the manner specified by regulations.

Approves repairs made to equipment and grounded airplanes in order to assure airworthiness and high quality in work performed by maintenance and repair personnel.  May direct the maintenance, repair, and salvage of damaged airplanes that can be performed by personnel and equipment of a mobile repair unit. May decide action to be taken in connection with damaged airplanes. May exercise administrative control of unit while it is operating away from home base.

Must have a thorough knowledge of supply, maintenance, and inspection procedures of the Army Air Forces. Should be thoroughly familiar with maintenance of all types of airplanes. Should know fire prevention rules and safety procedures for shops and hangars.

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