Assists in performing prescribed inspections and maintenance of aircraft.

Examines portions of aircraft such as wings, fuselage, stabilizers, flight control surfaces, propeller, and landing gear for evidence of damage of wear such as cracks, bent or broken members, and looseness which might cause dangerous vibration. Corrects such defects by appropriate maintenance, minor repairs, adjustments, or unit replacement.

Refers specialized repairs on propellers, instruments, hydraulic and electrical systems to appropriate specialist. Cleans all accessible structures and parts with appropriate cleaning agents. Manipulates controls in cockpit to insure proper operation and alignment of flight control system. Makes required adjustments by correcting tension of control cables or by replacing badly worn control cables.

Assists in inspection and maintenance of engine and in changing engines. At stipulated intervals, and with assistance of other mechanics, disconnects engine from its mounting, removes it from airplane and makes replacement, using mechanic's tools and equipment, and technical orders as a guide to maintenance procedures. Assists in preparing engines and other units for shipment.

Is responsible for inclusion in airplane of miscellaneous equipment such as life rafts, parachutes, adequate supply of breathing oxygen, appropriate forms, and technical orders in proper storage places.

Must have a knowledge of Army Air Forces forms and technical orders and weight and balance procedures.

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