Inspects and performs lst and 2nd echelon maintenance of aircraft electrical equipment other than radio transmitters and receivers and aircraft instruments.

Examines electric wiring, auxiliary electric motors, ignition systems, and lighting units for proper functioning. Uses a combination electrical continuity tester and ohmmeter, ammeter, and voltmeter to locate short circuits and to test currents and resistances. Traces circuits with aid of blueprints.  Tightens and solders loose electrical connections.

Cleans, repairs, and replaces electric motors ignition units, recognition and lending lighting units, relays, junction boxes, and other related equipment.

Uses such tools as screw drivers, adjustable, open—end, crescent, and box-end wrenches, wire cutters, pen knife, file, and pliers.

Must be familiar with aircraft electrical systems and with basic electrical theory. Must be able to read blueprints to trace electric circuits.

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