Airplane Radiator Repairman

Repairs damaged sheet metal structures and light metal fittings of airplanes and reconstructs badly damaged sheet metal parts such as wings, elevators, fairings, cowling, and hatches.

Inspects airplane to locate holes, bulges, dents, cracks, breaks, and loose, broken, or missing rivets.  Reinforces damaged or weakened skin on structural members. Rivets patches over small breaks and smooths bulges and dents, using hammer and block.
Removes and replaces complete sections of sheet metal skin when damage is extensive in area. Replaces clamps and other small metal fittings on airplane structures. Repairs or replaces wire control cables. Repairs and polishes plexiglass and
other plastic transparencies. Occasionally performs such major metal repairs as reconstructing badly damaged wings, elevators, hatches, and metal cowling, and replacing false ribs in wings.

May assist in repairing leaks in airplane radiators.

Uses rivet gun, mallets, punches, and hammer and block.

Must be generally familiar with aircraft construction. Must know properties of various plastics used in glazing airplanes, the operation of the heating oven, and the proper methods of forming, gluing, installing, and polishing.

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