Artillery Mechanic, Seacoast

Inspects, tests, and performs field repairs and adjustments, unit replacements, or complete rebuilding of heavy artillery weapons and auxiliary equipment in a mobile or fixed artillery repair shop.

Determines causes of malfunctioning of such units as breech block, firing mechanism, recoil and counter-recoil, elevating and traversing equipment, and shock absorbing devices, by visual inspection, mechanical operation of unit, and by use of such testing devices as Vernier calipers, pressure gauges, and spirit levels.

Using artillery mechanic’s tools, repairs or replaces assembly or sub-assemblies or otherwise tears down and completely rebuilds units, examining each part carefully for wear, breaks, or other undesirable characteristics. Replaces worn and broken parts and reassembles unit, lubricating all moving parts and making adjustments for alignment and clearance.

Must have knowledge of the construction and operation and nomenclature of heavy artillery weapons. Must know the nomenclature of replacement parts.


341 Shop Maintenance Mechanic
802 Artillery Mechanic, Minor Maintenance
913 Artillery Mechanic, Light
915 Artillery Mechanic, Heavy Antiaircraft

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