As a member of an amphibian truck crew, operates and maintains an amphibian truck used in transporting materiel and troops from ships to inland points in one continuous operation.

Prepares truck for debarkation, checking engine, body, equipment, and bilge plugs. Maneuvers truck in water to prevent capsizing, crashing into other harbor craft and ships, and grounding on sand bars or reefs. Controls loading of truck to prevent damage to cargo and truck by having cargo properly stowed, braced, and lashed. In rough weather, rigs cargo tarpaulin, clamps hatch covers, sets windshield surf guard, and rigs cab tarpaulin.

Engages and disengages propeller and wheels, using transmission, transfer case, and front axle drive depending upon operating conditions. Deflates and inflates tires according to type of ground over which truck must travel. Makes pre-operation check and post-operation servicing. Checks gas, oil, tires, water, grease cups and bilge plugs, lubricates and oils parts, cleans truck, checks for damage to body and equipment, and paints rust spots. Maintains log of operation, recording compass course, distances, buoys, Vessels passed. currents, and landing conditions. Camouflages truck on land to prevent detection by enemy land, air, or naval forces.

May evacuate casualties from inland points to ships.  Unloads cargo by hand, wooden chute, ramp, A-frame, and winch. Uses compass, marine charts, semaphore, lamps, and winch.  Must know navigation rules, harbor markers cargo stowage, International Morse Code, rigging, knots, camouflage principles, and radio code.


823 Coxswain, Harbor Craft
838 Seaman, Landing Craft

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