Construction Equipment Serviceman (AAF)
Gas and Oil Man

Performs various service duties in conditioning and maintaining automotive vehicles or construction equipment in efficient operating condition.

Lubricates vehicles and equipment by means of hand operated or pressure lubrication guns and oil sprays. Drains old lubricant reservoirs and refills with new lubricant. Checks storage batteries for proper water level, voltage and specific gravity
reading, using hydrometer and voltmeter. Adds distilled water to battery cells. Dismounts and mounts automobile tires and repairs punctured tubes by applying standard rubber patches. Refuels motor vehicles.

May make minor repairs and replacement of parts such as fan belts, radiator hoses, broken spark plugs, windshield wipers, and other common accessories.

Uses automobile mechanic's hand tools and lubricating equipment.

Must be familiar with lubricating systems of vehicles and equipment and be able to select proper types of oils and greases to be used.

Military experience in servicing automotive equipment or equivalent civilian experience required.

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