432-441 - BANDSMAN

432-441 - BANDSMAN

Plays an instrument in a band or orchestra.

Reads music and plays instrument while marching in military formation. Noteā€”Use appropriate SSN and title for Qualification Card entry. Since there is no relation between rank and instrument played, make entries in Tables of Organization as follows: Bandsman (432-441). Specific SSN's and job titles are as follows:

432 Bandsman, Clarinet
433 Bandsman, Cornet or Bandsman, Trumpet
434 Bandsman, Bass Drum
435 Bandsman, Snare Drum
436 Bandsman, Euphonium or Bandsman, Baritone
437 Bandsman, Flute or Bandsman, Piccolo
438 Bandsman, French Horn
439 Bandsman, Saxophone
440 Bandsman, Trombone
441 Bandsman, Tuba
See also SSN's 020, 021,175,176, and 801.

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