Specialty Summary:  Accomplishes preflight and post-flight of aircraft and aircraft systems.  Receives cargo/passenger load briefings, checks placement of cargo/passengers against aircraft limitations/restrictions, determines adequacy of cargo documentation. If required, load plans cargo/passenger loads.  Supervises cargo/passenger loading and offloading activities. Determines cargo placement and restraint requirements and directs and checks the placement of restraint equipment.  Computes aircraft weight and balance.  Demonstrates use of life support equipment.  Accomplishes passenger comfort activities during flight.  Performs aircrew functions and other mission specific qualification duties to include the airdrop of personnel and equipment/cargo.  Related DoD Occupational Subgroup:  105000.

Specialty Summary.  Performs aircrew duties on numerous airborne platforms.  Operates, maintains, repairs, and tests airborne communications, sensor, computer, and electronic systems.  Performs preflight, in-flight, and postflight duties.  Supervises and instructs personnel in operation, maintenance, repair, and test procedures.  Establishes, manages and supervises airborne mission system operation and directs aircrew training.  Related DoD Occupational Subgroup:  120100.

Specialty Summary.  Operates airborne operations mission equipment, systems, electro-optical sensor systems, and electronic protection (EP) equipment.  Gathers, records, displays, and distributes mission information.  Interprets computer-generated displays and alarms.  Performs and assists in mission planning.  Maintains publications and currency items.  Maintains communications nets with ground, air, and maritime units.  Performs airborne operations functions under training and operational conditions.  Manages, supervises, trains, provides expertise, and evaluates activities.  Performs staff functions.  Promotes and instills situational awareness in all aspects of airborne operations.  Related DoD Occupational Subgroup:  122100.

Specialty Summary.  Inspects, operates, and secures armament systems and subsystems, and performs aircrew functions under training, combat, or testing conditions.  Instructs unit gunners concerning airborne weapon systems, procedures, and tactics.  Related DoD Occupational Subgroup:  164600.

Specialty Summary.  Operates, evaluates, and manages airborne signals intelligence information systems and operations activities and related ground processing activities.  Performs identification, acquisition, recording, translating, analyzing, and reporting of assigned voice communications.  Provides signals intelligence threat warning support and interfaces with other units.  Performs and assists in mission planning.  Maintains publications and currency items.  Maintains and supervises communication nets.  Transcribes, processes, and conducts follow-up analysis of assigned communications.  Related DoD Occupational Subgroup:  123200.

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