Specialty Summary.  Performs and manages preparation and maintenance of manual and mechanized accountable medical materiel records, and requisitioning, receiving, storing, issuing, safeguarding and accounting for supplies and equipment.  Processes and monitors requests for contracts.  Implements and directs medical materiel activities for inventory control, accounting, financial planning, and management of supplies and equipment.  Performs and monitors computer operations.

Specialty Summary.  Installs, inspects, repairs, and modifies biomedical equipment and support systems.  Performs pre-purchase evaluations of medical devices and advises on operational theory, underlying physiological principles, and safe clinical applications of biomedical equipment.  Implements organizational maintenance support for all medical devices used within the medical treatment facility (MTF), medical research laboratories, air transportable hospitals and clinics, and contingency hospitals.  Provides technical guidance and intermediate maintenance support on medical equipment systems when assigned to a regional Medical Equipment Repair Center (MERC).  Directs the facility management program when assigned.  

Specialty Summary.  Supports mental health services in psychiatry, psychology, social work, family advocacy, substance abuse prevention and rehabilitation, and mental health programs.  Manages mental health service resources and activities.  Assists mental health professional staff with developing and implementing treatment plans.  Performs specified mental health treatment.  Reports and documents patient care. 

Specialty Summary.  Performs duties in Nutritional Medicine Service to include procuring, storing, preparing, cooking, baking and serving regular and therapeutic diets and nourishment.  Performs clinical dietetics tasks and procures equipment.  Maintains established sanitation, safety, and security standards.  Accomplishes supply and subsistence management control and other duties as assigned.  When no dietitian is assigned, consults command dietitian. 

Specialty Summary.  Manages and performs public health activities and programs.  Included are food safety and defense inspection; sanitation; medical entomology programs; vector borne, communicable, and occupational disease prevention and control; public health medical readiness activities; and promoting and providing health education and training.  Applies medical standards for initial and continued qualification of all Air Force members.  Provides administrative oversight to the Preventive Health Assessment and Individual Medical Readiness (PIMR) Program and the related Occupational Health Physical Examinations Program (including audiograms).  Provides medical intelligence through preventive medicine briefings and pre- and post-deployment surveillance activities and assists with medical processing for all deploying personnel. 

Specialty Summary.  Performs and manages cardiopulmonary laboratory functions and activities for noninvasive diagnostic cardiac procedures, invasive diagnostic and interventional cardiac procedures, pulmonary function testing, diagnostic and therapeutic bronchoscopies, and respiratory therapy. 

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