Specialty Summary.  Supervises and performs Communications-Computer Systems (C-CS) operations and executes associated information systems support programs, both in garrison and at deployed locations.  Performs network management, control, and administration on DoD local, metropolitan, wireless and wide area networks, and Command, Control, Communications, Computer (C4) and Intelligence systems, Defense Message Systems (DMS), Automated Message Handling Systems (AMHS), command and control, and various functional area systems.  Administers and manages overall Information Assurance (IA) program to include Communications Security (COMSEC), Emissions Security (EMSEC) and Computer Security (COMPUSEC) programs.  Provides information systems life-cycle management. 



Specialty Summary.  Supervises and performs as Communications-Computer Systems (C-CS) analysts, coders, testers and managers in the design, development, maintenance, testing, configuration management, and documentation of application software systems, client-server, and web-enabled software and relational database systems critical to war-fighting and intelligence capabilities.



Specialty Summary.  Operates, deploys, and sustains radio transmitters, receivers, and ancillary equipment for line-of-sight, air-to-ground, and satellite communications (SATCOM).  Provides multiple spectrum (HF, VHF, UHF, SHF, EHF) communications in fixed and tactical environments.  Configures antenna and radio equipment for efficient operations.  Establishes and maintains secure and non-secure communications links with distant stations.  Operates terminal control consoles and monitors system performance indicators.  Implements operational directives.  Manages communications facilities and activities to include:  Satellite Communications, Tactical Operations, Combat Crew Communications (CCC) and Air/Ground communications. 

Specialty Summary.  Integrates, operates, monitors, secures, and controls the physical (wired, optical or wireless), data link, network, and transport layers of garrison and tactical Communications-Computer Systems (C-CS) encompassing local and wide area networks, end-to-end telecommunications and circuit switching systems, long-haul circuits, and the Global Information Grid (GIG).  Performs, coordinates, and supervises their design, configuration, operation, restoration, and improvements.  Analyzes their capabilities and performance, identifies problems, and takes corrective action.  Operates cryptographic equipment.  Fabricates cable assemblies.  Performs C-CS quality control and trend analysis.  Directs and makes operational adjustments to C-CS equipment. 

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