Specialty Summary.  Performs and manages aviation and parachutist Host Aviation Resource Management (HARM) and Squadron Aviation Resource Management (SARM) functions related to scheduling, standardization and evaluation, flying and ground training, aviation flight records, parachutist jump records and squadron operations.  Operates and maintains the Aviation Resource Management System (ARMS).  Related DoD Occupational Subgroup:  155600.

Specialty Summary.  Provides command, control, communications, intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance (C3ISR) to assist, control and enable the application of manned and unmanned, lethal and non-lethal airpower in all geographic and environmental conditions across the full spectrum of military operations.  Includes terminal control (air traffic control [ATC]) and targeting, and control of air strikes (including close air support [CAS]) and use of visual and electronic aids to control airheads and enable precision navigation.  Provides long-range voice and data command and control and communications.  Performs tactical level surveillance and reconnaissance functions, fusing organic and remote controlled technologies and manned platforms to build the common operating picture (COP).  Related DoD Occupational Subgroup:  125000.

Specialty Summary.  Manages and performs activities within fixed ground, mobile and airborne command and control (C2) facilities such as installation and expeditionary command posts (CP), operations centers, rescue coordination centers, and Combatant Command and Major Command (COCOM/MAJCOM) command centers.  Provides command, control, communications, and information support throughout the full spectrum of operations to include peacetime, emergency and disaster situations, crisis, contingency and war.  Receives and relays C2 instructions and records; collects, processes, and submits manual and automated data products. 

Specialty Summary.  Engages enemy forces utilizing advanced technologies and weapon systems to direct airstrikes in close proximity of friendly forces.  Controls and executes operational air and space power.  Operates in austere combat environments independent of an established airbase or its perimeter defenses.  Employed as part of a joint, interagency or coalition force to support Combatant Commander objectives.  Primarily assigned to U.S. Army Installations.  Member of Battlefield Airman grouping.  IAW AFPD 10-35, Battlefield Airman.  Related DoD Occupational Subgroup:  125000.

Specialty Summary.  Manages and operates aerospace control and warning systems, including functions involving surveillance, identification, weapons control, data link management, communications and computer system management, electronic attack (EA) and electronic protection (EP).  Provides radar control and monitoring of air weapons during offensive and defensive air operations.  Makes decision in the conduct of air operations and in system equipment management.  Related DoD Occupational Subgroup:  122100.

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