Special Duty Summary.  Manages Career Assistance Advisor (CAA) program.  Principal advisor to commanders and supervisors on retention issues.  Assists commanders and supervisors in career counseling.  Develops, supervises, and manages Air Force retention programs; advises on career progression and planning; monitors mandatory pay and benefits briefing programs; and conducts advertising and publicity programs. 

Special Duty Summary.  Performs tasks and details that, if performed by general or flag officers, would be at the expense of the officer’s primary military and official duties.  Duties relate to the support of military and official responsibilities of the general or flag officer, and include assisting them in discharging their official DoD social responsibilities in their assigned position.  The propriety of such duties is governed by the official purpose that they serve rather than the nature of the duties.  Specific duties of the enlisted aide rest solely on the needs of the general or flag officer, and are tailored to the requirements of supporting the household. 

Special Duty Summary.  Supports the Airman and Family Readiness Center (A&FRC) overall functional mission to ensure programs and services are responsive to the needs of service members, DoD civilians and their families. Develops and provides personal and family readiness services related to pre-deployment and reintegration education and consultation to Total Force Airmen and their families.  Develops, exercises, and implements disaster response support plans.

Special Duty Summary.  Collects and reports intelligence information obtained from human sources in response to requirements.  Screens documents and open source materials to identify potential source leads.  Assesses, debriefs, and interrogates sources in English and in foreign languages.  Translates written material, and interprets conversation from one language to another.  Performs controlled operations officer duties.  Supervises interviews, debriefings, and interrogations conducted in foreign languages. 

Special Duty Summary.  Performs as engineer, scientist, or engineering and scientific technician in support of scientific or engineering research and applications functions involving observation, study, and experimentation with the Human Systems Division or with the Research and Technology Laboratories, the Air Force Flight Test Center, or other Air Force activities. 

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