Specialty Summary.  Performs the Air Force organic ground transportation capability for passengers and cargo using a multitude of vehicles in direct support of mission requirements.  This includes operating light and heavy-duty vehicles such as buses, truck and semi-trailer combinations, forklifts, and wrecker/recovery vehicles.  Supports personal security details.  Performs motor vehicle preventative maintenance checks and services.  Plans organizes, and directs vehicle transportation to support operational missions. 

Specialty Summary.  Performs and manages air transportation activities.  Plans, schedules and processes eligible passengers and cargo for air movement.  Loads and unloads passengers, cargo, and baggage moved on military and commercial-contract aircraft.  Prepares and maintains air movement records and reports.  Performs aircraft cleaning services and delivers meals and comfort item supplies to aircraft.  Operates forklifts and aircraft loading equipment.  Uses computer systems to provide in-transit visibility over passenger and cargo movement operations. 

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