Specialty Summary.  Supervises and performs personnel activities and functions, including personnel action requests; source documents; unit, field, and master personnel records; and Commander’s Support Staff (CSS) tasks.  Interviews and classifies airmen and officers.  Advises on career progression.  Updates military personnel data system (PDS) records.  Manages Air Force retention programs, assists military personnel in making career decisions, and advises on benefit programs.  Ensures compliance with personnel policies, directives, and procedures.

Specialty Summary.  Performs core competencies in organization structure, manpower requirements determination, program allocation and control, and performance management.  Manages manpower and organization (MO) functions including Air Force organization structure; organizational and manpower standards; manpower resources, military grades, manpower data systems, and peacetime and wartime manpower requirements and utilization; A-76 commercial activities and competitive sourcing and privatization studies.  Manages process reengineering, continuous improvement initiatives, and management consulting services.  Supports operational planning and execution. 

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