Specialty Summary.  Builds a culture of spiritual care for Air Force members, their families and other authorized personnel, while pursuing the Chaplain Corps vision to Glorifying God, Serving Airmen, and Pursuing Excellence.  Facilitate religious observances, pastoral care, and provide advice to leadership on spiritual, ethical, moral and morale issues.  Meet the diverse needs of the multi-faith military community by managing religious programs, administrative, financial, and facility support.  They recruit, train and organize volunteers for specific religious ministries.  Uniquely trained in the principles of religious diversity, religious accommodation, major faith group requisites, privileged communications and religious program management.  Also, trained in suicide-intervention skills, crisis intervention counseling, traumatic stress response and religious support to hospitals and mortuaries.  Chaplain Assistants are considered visible reminders of the Holy and conduct themselves in a manner that brings credit, pride and honorable distinction to the Chaplain Corps. 

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