Specialty Summary.  Performs and manages munitions production and materiel tasks and activities.  Identifies munitions and equipment requirements.  Operates and maintains automated data processing equipment (ADPE) to perform munitions accounting, computations, and research.  Stores, maintains, assembles, issues, and delivers assembled nonnuclear munitions.  Routinely demilitarizes nonhazardous munitions.  Operates and maintains munitions materiel handling equipment (MMHE).  Develops and implements munitions materiel management concepts and procedures.  Complies with explosive, missile, and ground safety, security, and environmental directives and practices.  Identifies munitions by filler, color code, marking, or physical characteristics.  Receives, stores, handles, and transports nuclear weapons. 

Specialty Summary.  Loads and unloads nuclear and nonnuclear munitions, explosives, and propellant devices on aircraft.  Manages, controls, maintains, and installs aircraft bomb, rocket, and missile release, launch, suspension, and monitor systems; guns and gun mounts; and related munitions handling, loading, and test equipment. 

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