Specialty Summary.   Maintains, operates, and supervises maintenance on ground and air missiles, spacelift boosters, payloads,  guidance and control systems, and subsystems.  Monitors, analyzes, and compiles system performance data.  Performs and supervises maintenance on automated and manual electronic test, launch control, checkout, and support equipment (SE).  Designs and supervises assembly, calibration, operation, troubleshooting, and testing of research and development (R&D) systems and SE. 



Specialty Summary.   Services and maintains, or supervises these actions, on missiles, spacelift boosters, payloads, research and development (R&D) systems, environmental blast doors and valves, associated subsystems, components, and support equipment (SE).  Operates and maintains related equipment.  Designs R&D systems.  Performs acquisition and activation activities.  Related DoD Occupational Subgroup:  163200.



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